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tv   King Charles  CNN  February 21, 2024 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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bond and appeal. finally, for us today in our out of this world lead, it's one big milestone accomplished and an even bigger one to go for the latest moon lander launched last week of board, a space x rocket, the uncrewed spacecraft successfully fired its engine he went into orbit around the moon today. it's named odysseus or od for short. it was sent up by houston-based company called intuitive machines, which posted this picture of a odie orbit a short time ago tomorrow afternoon, we're going to bring you live coverage as odie, we will attempt the first soft landing on the moon by a us spacecrafts since the apollo missions of the late 1960s and early '70s, happy landings to odie and good luck. you can follow the show on x at the lead cnn, if you ever, ms an episode of lead, you can listen to the show whence you get your podcasts are coverage continues now with one mr. wolf blitzer, right next door in a place i'd like to call the situation room.
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i'll see you tomorrow. >> all year >> yeah, you're ready. >> we welcome. welcome. welcome you to king charles and gayle king. >> you are who charles barkley charles barkley, and guess what guys, we're starting things off a little differently tonight because our first guess, you could say, has a very big weekend coming up here with us >> tonight, fresh off of a rally in her home state, is former governor of south carolina and republican presidential candidate nikki haley. governor we thank you for being with us. i know you've come straight from the rally. we're so glad that you're first stop is with us. >> welcome. >> thank you for having me on. i appreciate it so much. >> i'm going to start gill. all right. please governor i'm dying to vote for you i mean that sincerely i want to give all my energy and all my heart
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behind your campaign. but i was upset. when you made the reference that you didn't think america had racism and my question is, i was disappointed. number one, obviously. but i want to give you a chance that you say that because you felt like you needed to say that to the audience. because i because i can say i'm done the bulk for you. and that that hurt me. so i will love you to clarify that, please. >> so first of all, i never said that there was not racism in america. there absolutely is racism in america. i said that america was not a racist country. and the whole point of that is, and charles, you'll appreciate this when i grew up, the only indian family in a small rural southern town, we weren't white enough to be white. we weren't black enough to be black. they didn't know who we were, what we were while we were there. if my mom had
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told me that we lived in a racist country i would have grown up never thinking i could be governor never thinking i could be ambassador, never thinking i could run for president. >> but >> my mom always said, your job is not to show them how you're different. your job is to show them how you're similar. and it's amazing how that lesson on the playground played throughout my life, whether it was the corporate world is let's governor is ambassador, that once i was ever presented with a challenge, if i first talked about the things we had in common, people would let their guard down. and then we could go towards a solution. but governor races are and you say, our jobs should be governor. >> i think >> most people heard your job should be not. we lead off it says when a racist country that's the problem that we heard essay, that's what i centered. okay so i never said i said that america is not a racist country. the premise of america was never to be a
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racist country. and that our number one goal should it might be to make today better than yesterday, we need to stomp out racism wherever it exists. but if you go and tell kids that they live in a racist country, then you're automatically telling brown and black kids that they'll never be good enough. i don't want our kids to think that i want them to know that yes, there is racism. yes, it is wrong wherever we see it, but that doesn't mean that the country is against you. that means that we need you even more than ever. so we can stomp it out wherever we see it okay. i really don't want to split hairs, but the exact quote that you said was america has never been a racist country. i think that's the problem that people objected to were not, were not disputing that what you're saying about america's not a racist country. some people would argue with that but we're saying the comment you made that particular day, was it america has never been a racist country. and i think that's what got that's what caught
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people off surprise, caught people off guard and saying, i don't think that and i don't think the premise of america was to be a racist country. i think that they said that every man was created equal with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. and getting it to the place it needed to be, was america was a work in progress, but i don't think that the basis of america was that we were racist country. i think the goal was always to have freedom. now, we stumbled along the way and we've got some parts of our history that we're not pretty, but we got past that. i don't think that our founders wanted us to have a racist country. i don't believe that that's the basis that america sits on. that's what i was saying is i don't think the premise of america was ever to be a racist country. i think it's always to be the best country with the most freedom that allows anybody to be whatever they want to be without government getting in their way or anybody else getting in their way
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>> okay? >> you're making news again today. you make news everyday, governor haley, but today you're making news because you agreed with the alabama supreme court that ruled that embryos are people. and today you said yes, you believe their people to >> i think they're troubled. many people >> so she women who are going through ivf treatments, we're hearing reports already about fertility clinics that are shutting down because they're worried. what do you say to women that are now concerned about that? and your position in that particular issue? >> well first of all, i didn't i mean, this is again, i didn't say that i agreed with the alabama ruling. what the question that i was asked is, do i believe an embryo is a baby? i do think that if you look in the definition, an embryo is considered an unborn baby and so yes, i believe from my stance at that is the difference is and this is what i say about abortion as well we
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need to treat these issues with the utmost respect. i had trouble having both of my children. i am very aware of what it means to go through artificial insemination. all of those things related to in vitro. i know what that is, and i also know the importance between a dr. and the parents is very important to have those conversations. this case was based on and should be based on the rights of those parents for their embryos and to make sure that they have the responsibility with the doctors on how those are handled. nothing more than that. and i will we'll continue to say these issues keep coming up and everybody wants to divide people on these issues this is not the time where you divide people. you bring people together, our goal is to always do what the parents want with their embryo. it is there's so any physician that is in control all of those embryos, they owe it to those people to make sure they protect that
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embryo and that they do with that embryo, with those parents want done with that embryo. that is the way we should look at that situation. >> you know, you've had a magnificent life so far. incredible life. what you accomplished, you talk about your family being immigrants but we have to admit the border is i would say it's chaos, but that wouldn't do it. justice. what? what is your >> i don't think anybody has the perfect solution what's the best way to address this immigration issue >> there is a solution and that's that's the issue when i was governor of south carolina, we passed the toughest illegal immigration law in the country. we need to take what we didn't south carolina and go national with it. we need a national e verify program that requires businesses to prove that the people they hire are in this country legally, we need to defund sanctuary cities once and for all we can't have safe
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havens. that's the incentive that makes them want to come here we need to go and put 25,000 border patrol and ice agents on the ground and let them do their job. we need to go back to the remain in mexico policy. and instead of catch and release, we need to go to catch and deport. but charles, look at what happened last week. here you had congress had a bill on the border. now, the part of the bill that was good, was it it strengthened asylum laws. we need those strengthened because under the trump administration, 3 million illegal immigrants came because we didn't have strong enough asylum laws. the part of the bill that was week was it didn't have the remain in mexico policy. we don't want anyone and stepping foot on us soil, we have to have that policy and they had a 5,000 persons we don't even want a one-person threshold. we've got to make sure every person has vetted before they are allowed to come here. so congress should have gotten in a room and figured it out and not left until they got us a strong border bill. but instead they went home for vacation for two
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weeks, which is unacceptable. but the other side of that is donald trump went and told them not to pass anything until after the general election in november because it would hurt him we can't wait one more data secure the border. congress needs to get in there and do their job. and donald trump needs it's the stay out of it because americans need to be protected and we have got to secure that border. america is acting like it's september 10th we better remember what september 12th felt like it only takes one person to have a non 11 moment. >> donald trump's base is very clear. they cannot be moved people say they know who joe biden supporters are when you talk about your supporters and your base, who is that exactly in your in your opinion >> who want anybody and everybody? >> you don't >> my goal is to get people who want normal again, my goal is to get people who see we can't have 280 year-old candidates and continue down the path that we're on. my goal is to make sure that we bring sanity back and the tone at the top
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matters. and so that's what i'm trying to do. if you want to talk about what the american people are saying, 70 he percent of americans are saying they don't want trump or biden though, we've heard 60% of americans are saying they think joe biden's too old and donald trump's too old they're the two most disliked politicians in america. why are we letting that be our choice? that's why i'm running governor haley. >> we're going to take a really quick break and we'll be right back. >> don't leave, don't leave >> why you ran hates america sunday at eight the greatest stage sick joke about >> for a lifetime reason, to championed tvs >> you wayfair is the talk of a neighborhood >> we want error kleiner, but it had to be sheik.
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>> you know, i'm no different than any other military spouse. when our loved ones deployed, it's hard, but we're so proud of them and, you know, it's he's like my right arm. we've done everything together. i met him when i was 17. we'd been together ever since. and so you know, obviously run running for president, not having him here as hard but, you know, i'm so grateful to him and all of his military brothers and sisters who are willing to serve and sacrifice for us because they know freedom isn't free. they know that this is about something bigger than themselves. and so yes, it was i mean, that wasn't that wasn't something i've wished would have happened, but you can't help, but sometimes and it was just a moment where it hit home. >> why do you what do you wish it wouldn't have happened? i think it's sometimes helps people to see insight into any politicians i've actually, i'm wondering how your husband and your kids, you have to adults children, how they handle all
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the incoming that's coming at their mom on a daily basis >> i think, you know, i think it's hard. i think it's hard for michael, 8,000 miles away when he reads or sees what's happening. i think the kids have been fantastic. they have been on the bus tour with me any chance they can come in and help, and support my daughter with it. every debate, my son is now with me on the bus tour. they're trying to step up for where they know their dad would be, but i'm so proud of everybody and military families. it's not just the service member that sacrifices its the military families that sacrificed and we are blessed to live in america, in a country where we have people who are willing to sacrifice just for us to have these freedoms. >> have you ever we had a couple of political guest on throughout the last few shows like, have you ever been in an election where there's one guy doesn't show up for the debates >> i'm in one now. he won't show up for debate. we've asked
11:18 pm
him multiple times to debate and he won't, you know, it's amazing to me because he goes and he he's doing these commercials now in south carolina where he says, i'm for open borders and i want to raise taxes and now we sent text messages to everybody saying i want to cut social security. none of those is true. none of them is true and i always say if you've got a lot of when you don't deserve to win. >> but >> i can't ask him because he won't get on a debate stage. and so, you know, it's one of those things where we just continue to pound away all right. and remind people who he is. this is a man that, you know. first of all, we had 14 people in the race. i defeated a dozen of the fellas. i just got one more. i got to catch up to and in iowa, they didn't give us much of a chance and we came in and we're 1% away from second place, then a new hampshire on election day, they said we were third 30 points down and we got 43% of the vote the problem is that night, donald trump was upset about it and all he did was talk about
11:19 pm
revenge and my dress by the way. >> and then >> the next day he goes and says, anybody that supports her is barred permanently from maga if you're running for president, your job is to bring as many people in, not push people out and then you see his court cases where he claims he's a victim. the problem i have is during none of that, did he ever talk about the american people? he never talked about the fact that we were $34 trillion in debt. he never talked about the fact that only 30 pretty 1% of eighth graders in our country are proficient in reading. he never talked about an open border. he never talked about lawlessness in our cities, you never talked about the >> but right now, let's talk about himself. >> that is true. governor, but he's the one fella you still got to catch. and right now, there's a very big gap between the two of you. you worked with him them in his administration. what was the most challenging thing for you working with him back then >> we actually worked well together. and the reason we worked well together is when he
11:20 pm
was doing something good, i rallied i fought board, i wanted america to be strong, but when he was doing something wrong or that i didn't think was going to end. well, i would pick up the phone and call him. he'd always call me right back where i would show up. and as often say, you cannot do this. >> have >> used wires? yeah. always gave him options. >> have you spoken to >> last from i spoke to him was when i the last time. i spoke to him was when i called him to tell him i was running for president. and i called him for two reasons. one, because it was the right thing to do because he had given me the job and to i wanted him to know i was in it to win it. i told him we couldn't continue down this path of chaos and we couldn't continue with this negativity. and i thought we needed a new generational leader that's the last time i talked to them. >> you know, you talk about chaos. number one, you heard correct? i'm going to add to the chaos what are you doing? like 20% of these dummies are foods out here, believe that taylor swift is going to swing the election. what are you
11:21 pm
doing to bring the swifties on? ford >> look, i mean, i got nothing when it comes to that. i don't even understand it. i don't know where it's coming from. i read i think she's talented. i took my daughter to two of her concerts when they were growing up. i've got swifty bracelet someone right now that little girls are giving me so but look, i don't know what that thought processes. so i can't really understand it, you know, all i can tell you is, it's why we need to get back to normal. yeah, that's what all can take, governor, we've got to get back to normal governor. i saw it on television. it's gotta be true it's got to reach governor. i remember the book that you wrote >> it was called >> if you want something done, you're talking about leadership. and for bold women and it was fascinating to me, you had the usual suspects that you named in the book that we're not surprised, hillary clinton, margaret thatcher, but you also named joan jett i was so surprised. joan jett was somebody that you singled out a
11:22 pm
rocker. we all know who she is what is it about joan jett that appeal to you? that was his surprise to me. >> you know, i have always been a massive fan of joan jett because i love the fact that when she came became a musician, she didn't look like the difficult rocker and she was actually shunned. nobody would give her a chance because she didn't look the part or she didn't act the part and so she got declined declined. and finally, she and her agent ended up producing their own records and selling them out of the trunk of our car and that record happened to be the one that had i love rock and roll and all these other number one hits that were on there. and so while they shunned her, she didn't wait on them to accept her. she kept going forward and then, you know, even after that when they saw that she got all the number one hits the the fierceness of her, the
11:23 pm
toughness of her, and the ability for her to go forward, even though she didn't look and act like them, is amazing to me. and so look, i'm a huge joan jett fan. she knows this. we have met and talked multiple times. we text as well. >> i >> think that what she's accomplished is amazing. and i think that every woman should look at that and say, don't let them put you in a box, you go and you make your own box. so as nikki haley, joan jett, and do you channel your inner joan jett? is that what we're seeing? >> when >> we see you out on the campaign trail absolute absolutely. channel my joan jett, it's it's something that i think is important. look, the, the political elites have never been for me when i ran against the longest serving legislator in a primary, they weren't for me when i ran for governor against the lieutenant governor attorney general, congressmen and state senator. they were not for me when i went to be at the un, they said i didn't have enough experience now i'm running for president and all they're finding everything wrong with me. but that's all the reason you have
11:24 pm
to push forward is you can't let the naysayers get to you. you have to keep looking at why you're doing it and stay focused on what your intentions are and be true to yourself. and i think if you do that, people see through that and i think that that's what gets you at the end of the day when i watch all these debates and i watched all these politician on television, they always talk about the middle class why don't anybody ever talk about poor people >> you know, we, we did and in south carolina, i'll tell you, we didn't just talk about it. we did something about it. we had thousands of people on welfare. and what i did and we knew this was generational welfare from one generation to the neck so what we did is we took those members on welfare. i partnered them with businesses and i told businesses, if you will take this person and train them, i will pay for them for x number of weeks and if at the end of it you decide if you want to hire them, we move 35,000
11:25 pm
people from welfare to work and we had family parties because the children got to see their parents being productive members of society and the parents got to do what they always want it, it's not that people don't want to work. they didn't know how to get the training sometimes you have to connect the dots so that you can break that cycle. we did the same thing with our prisons. i wanted to know how people got in, what happened to them when they were there and how they got out. and so we reform the entire prison system. we started teaching them computer skills and resume skills. we give them gave them family planning and faith-based help if they wanted but i put equipment behind the fence and we taught them a skill now when someone leaves the fence and south carolina, they've got a job to go to the next day. we had the lowest recidivism rate in the country the key is to lift up everybody when you can lift up, everybody that's magic that's true. solutions that can carry people for, that's what we always did. that's what i want to continue to do. a lot
11:26 pm
of people looking for >> magic saturday is a big, big day for you. the numbers right now are not in your favorite insisting you're staying in the race so in the race stay in the race. i want to tell you. i know you're busy had a rally tonight. i feel a lot better after talking to you personally, i just want to say you keep going, please. >> i will remind everybody in all of these primaries coming up. if you're a general election voter, you're given a choice. you vote in a primary, you make your choice. we need everybody to go out and make their choice. we're going to do this after south carolina. i'm headed to michigan from there, we're going to all the sun for tuesday states. i'm not moving, i'm going to continue to fight for this country as long as americans want me to fight. and so we're going to continue to do it and we're going to make everybody proud in the process. so i hope your listeners and viewers will go to and join us good. goodbye, >> joan jett. thank you for joining us. said, oh, i met
11:27 pm
governor haley saturday. we'll all be watching. thank brock and thank you for your time. >> you really appreciate your time. really appreciate it. king charles will be right back with more and astead herndon will be here for new york times to join us to talk about what he just heard from governor haley. we'll be right back. >> so we got nikki haley on the show tonight. >> okay. what did barking should be up, nikki haley >> just when baby keep going, mickey, don't give up already kicked trump. >> it could be smart to research some of the causes of the civil war and maybe go over that a little bit. >> i'm didn't undo girl. >> i'd say i'd say be more in touch with your roots cleaning up immigration. i mean, there's just it's a broken system right now. listen to the people, speak the >> truth and be kind that night out on the ice, you saw something? >> i saw nothing either with some as charming man, you're ever going to meet or he was your worst night. >> he was bad man. >> you've adopted a kid and now
11:28 pm
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11:32 pm
haley answering the question. so who is your base exactly? we asked her that last segment. we welcome you back to king charles were thinking there's no one better to discuss what she said with our next guest. our next guest? it is astead herndon national political reporter for the new york times, and he's been covering this race from all angles. he also, by the way happens to be a cnn contributor. well, welcome back. welcome back. i appreciate it when you got your back good last time >> no frets. >> what do you make of what she said about who her basis? >> i thought that was a really we interesting question. i think it speaks to the core and nikki haley problem in this campaign. this is a governor who has a wide net. her response to that question is, i'm trying to get everyone who doesn't like trump the 70% of people who want, who wants something different than the president biden or donald trump. the problem is, that's a general election argument that's not a primary argument though. problem. she's running into, is that the majority of the republican base wants donald trump and even more than that, the kind of persuadable people who thought, maybe if he's someone else emerged, i
11:33 pm
will vote for him. she hasn't been able to win over those people either. so the point that the polling tells us that coming into this weekend's primary in south carolina, donald trump has favored by near 30 points that is a number that's staggering for someone particularly just to be the former governor of his state. >> but i think it's safe those people would know her better than anyone they would. >> but i really think it speaks to the changes, the broader changes in the republican party, you know, when i hear nikki haley respond to some of you all's questions, it sounds like a 2016, 2017 republican in the 2024 time, you know, she's trying to calibrate that message on important issues like abortion and like immigration. but the republican base so far has wanted someone who gave them, though most familiar court conservative, red meat. and of course we know that's donald trump a whole lot for my own benefit republicans and maga voters. you think they're the same or different. >> they >> overlap, but they're not exactly the same. i would say a square rectangle type of situation. we know that donald trump probably has 40% of the republican base, hardcore and
11:34 pm
has had him, has had those kind of group of people for years not be moved and has not been moved, has not really shown interest in any other candidate from the start of this prime, you think as 40% it used to be 30%. >> there was kind of open questions depending on what poll you're looking at, 30 to 40%. but i think is different now, is that there was a group of people who were open to other alternatives and some of those people have come around to donald trump now in our reporting, some of that is because of the indictments some republicans say, oh, because he's under threat. i've rallied around him and some of this is just because of pure viability. republicans tell us, well, no one else has emerged. so i guess i'm going back with donald trump. and so that 40% number that was his hardcore base at the beginning of last year. we've somewhat seen that creep up to become a little bigger now to the point where in south carolina we're looking at more for 65%, right? and so these growing the share of republican voters who are rallying around him, even though we know that from the beginning of this primary, there was a bunch of republicans who are opened other option. >> what do you think because you've been covering this campaign, you'd certainly spent time with nikki haley and you've been in south carolina. what do you think is her
11:35 pm
strategies? because she says i'm staying in no matter what. yeah. despite what the number for say so far we've only had three states that really waited. she says she's staying in it doesn't matter what the numbers say and what the polls and importantly, smart strategy and partly governor haley reinforced that this week gave a speech in south carolina making no matter what happens this weekend, there's someone who sees themselves staying until super tuesday is not expected to go well for her and her own home state. >> it's not i think it's important a couple of things to remember. one is that governor haley has financial backing still there's still a group of republicans and conservative donors who want to see someone else than trump and have rallied around or to the point that she doesn't have to get out because of lack of money. remember, the reason most people drop out is because they don't want to be present anymore is because they run out of money? yes. >> yes. >> but she's still getting much. he still getting that money. the other thing i would say though, is the prospect of donald trump's legal problems has created a different conversation amount when they get out of the race. and so if you want to be the other option or you want to be, you want to present republicans or media, or just voters with a different selection. as donald trump is
11:36 pm
scheduled to go into criminal court, there's a lot of people we talked to in the party that says that's the reason they want someone like nikki haley to stay in the race is because of the presents, a legitimate alternative, as we're going to see trump's legal problems arise. >> she talked a lot about chaos and i told you as i said earlier, chaos is an understatement. i'm people just tired of like, first of all, our admire mr. biden, he's been a great man for a long time. i think he too old personally, that's just me. a much bigger but gayle trump is hundred percent chaos she just like hal toddler to be as we got some serious issue and it's kind of we need some grown-up. >> yeah. >> you got trump who's like none. don't let them reach, reach a resolution on immigration. i wanted to be a big deal during the election. i mean, i'm people just taught at a bs and we just like you mac and you fix hawaii? yeah. >> can you help me with my bills? can you fix the immigration issue? don't don't
11:37 pm
we need somebody like hers like, you know what? i'm tired of the noise. yeah. i think that's the most interesting part to me about her candidacy is the actual message of normalcy, of wanting a new generation, of blending a government that looks different than biden trump is really popular, is actually a thing that we hear all the time or when they're old people, one politicians focus on getting things done. they want people to do something and bipartisan fashion. i think people want normalcy to, and people want normalcy. that was a big message from the midterm election. >> one of my question wasn't i didn't get to it was why do you spend so much time talking about this dude? like tonight was my first chance. like you talk about some issues instead of just spend all your time talking about him. >> i mean, that's an interesting thing because a lot of people say the opposite. remember you know, governor really spent a lot of time talking about issues and trying to use that as a way to create a distinction between her and trump and it can really see traction. she actually gained more traction and republicans as she started talking more about donald trump. but the issue is to back to that square rectangle we are talking about
11:38 pm
before. there is no lane for an anti-trump republican. >> no question because >> i mean, there just isn't, there aren't enough of those voters. >> you can't talk his guys off this pier it's fans off the list and it's important to remember that's not just his base voters, but the party apparatus is now lining up behind him. he's installing loyalists and state parties at the top of the rnc, so much so that they are trying to pressure nikki haley ticket out of the race. well, we still have >> a long way to go. we do we're sitting here in february. the election isn't until november what can happen >> lucky, state you for having >> always good to have you here. always. >> when we come back, celebrated writer and new york times advice columnist sets roxane gay on thorny colleagues at the office, you know, anybody like that? >> i know somebody well i don't. >> king charles midterms right >> after the break >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta and this is cnn. >> that night on the ice, he
11:39 pm
saw something someone in his towns, heidi, so could you have to diegan? >> to get to the truth >> this is a tempur-pedic mattress and eats designed to help make aches and pains a thing of the past by relieving pressure points and supporting your body in a way more than mattress can for limited time save up to $500 on select tempur-pedic good justice will mattress sets >> with thyroid disease. i hit from the camera and i wanted to hide from the world for years, i thought my ted was beyond help >> but >> then i asked my dr. about to pesa to pesa is the only medicine that treats ted at the source, not just the symptoms in a clinical study, more than eight added ten patients taking depressor had less. i bulging to pesa is an infusion and may cause and reactions. tell your
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care food. so that can take care of you, get started today at daily united states of scans with jake tapper. sunday, a nine on cnn. >> have you ever had a coworker do something that you thought was bizarre or yeah. sheriff, please >> no. thank you >> tiktok in the office. >> she was into horses. she would compare childcare to her horse care to his co-workers actually physically got into a brawl. >> everyone's perfect >> that's a very smart answer. very smart. >> before the show, charles and i >> always go out on the street and sort of a cause people say, come talk to us and guess what they do. everybody's got a crazy story about there strange colleague, or they're very difficult. boss. our next guest
11:44 pm
is a perfect person we think to tackle those tricky work situations, you know, a tricky works if you ever had a tricky work situation >> we're not going to last much longer >> so what we have to say she is now rider culture comments data, and professor roxane gay is here. we're so glad you're here, professor gaye. >> thank you so much for having me. it's start know. so delta dental last week and i said we were at all star game. always take people out who i like. i want to work work. they worked so hard to get a break. and she shows up. she says, oh, you've got ten france with you she wasn't paying the bill. is that all right >> no, no no rocks. and before you answer that, say you land in indiana for instance, for the all-star game, you text your friend and say, hey, want to get together for dinner, said friends says, yes, 06:00 and named the place okay the place that they chose, i didn't think was great because
11:45 pm
the chain it was a chain restaurant available snub gills high something neighbor chain? >> no, please don't. because it's a good shape, but i'm thinking if you're in a different city, tries something that you can't get anywhere else, okay. fine. so. i'm make the reservations and i comma say, great, i got us in at 06:30, said for how many i said two. >> it goes >> to while i have ten people, ten people no one. he didn't tell me that he had ten people. don't you think that when i reached out to him the proper thing to do what have been to say, hey, gail, listen i'm going out to dinner with friends. would you like to join us as opposed to yell, let's go to dinner and i'm thinking it's the two of us together. what do you think >> i think when you go into a dinner invitation thinking it's going to be an intimate conversation for two. >> i didn't say him even wait. i didn't say intimate. >> not >> i just wanted to get together for dinner. yeah. i would be surprised if he was well, wait, what did you said? what i'd be surprised if he said i have ten friends, but i just run your variable in a different city i wouldn't be surprised that someone said, hey, would you mind if i bring
11:46 pm
these other ten friends future reference rock? yes, charles israel's got good taste oh, really, i really missed that chain we have some good restaurants. they >> do they do is she picked the best one and i'm not knocking his friends. it's not that but if you just think that it's just going to be the two of you of he just said, look, i got my already have dinner plans with my friends. would you like to join us? i would've said yes, i would've said yeah. it's just that if you think that it's just going to be the two of you and he says, oh ten people >> am i wrong? am i wrong or not wrong? okay. >> you're not wrong. this is a difficult one where you're not wrong. >> are you done? >> yes, i am. you want to take to proceed you what if you this is a word question. yeah. yes. if you have a disagreement with a co-worker and they start giving you the solid treatment. how do you handle that? >> personally? i i respond in kind. if you give me the silent treatment, i'm going to pretend you don't exist really, really, because life is short and roxanne, i know you
11:47 pm
don't >> that's it. i have nothing to say to you. now, of course welcome to my world disagrees with you now because you disagree with her. when will you was guessing that up >> i love my rocks >> go >> so if somebody gives >> has already tried to mediate, has gone to a manager has suggested, hey, can we have a conversation about this all right, people who go to the silent treatment level have decided that there's no resolution to be had here, and you are dead to me. and i will just meet like with like and lever use my voice again i hear too that you get your column is very famous. we should say, i hear that you get a lot of questions from people talking about smelly coworkers? yes.
11:48 pm
this is a thing. this is the thing. >> i mean, >> i'm sure you guys have dealt with that. >> i have had a medical worker oh, that's right. especially on the court >> the court to is it because their athletes are the locker room or no, something different depending on what country you're from. some guys did not take. showers or use deodorant. >> about this is >> some countries apologize. i'm wrong. it's a cultural thing. >> okay. >> but what about in an office because most of us aren't in an office, you have to say something. it's so uncomfortable. >> say something to the coworker. >> well, as gently as possible, but i mean, do you want to spend the rest of i know way to say that. i mean, it's just like excuse me, but are you dealing with something do you have a hormonal issue? is the water not working at your home when it's going? >> no. what about okay. i guess i've got a serious question. >> yes. what if you see this is >> like my pet peeve, like i've worked my teeth a lot. i'm always pumping in medicine, everything how do you have you got a friend with bad breath that that's like my pet peeve because people walk on me all
11:49 pm
the time. the last thing i'm ultimate settlement that charles bordeaux got bad breath always. brand i'm always. carrying minutes. how do you handle that? >> again, you have to be really delicate. it's such a challenging thing to tell someone like something about your very physical being is off. but do you really want someone with halitosis? i'll up in your face all day and the answer is no. and so i in something like that, i would just be like, hey, by the way, i have these extra altoid would you like them >> actually, you can never turn down minutes because anytime people offer you a myth that's what you should take it. yes, i hit it is always a hit, isn't always a hit >> or >> i turned down mins all the time >> because i'm thinking i don't want to be chomping on something. so is that ahead? >> yeah. i pick it is i really do. i think it is roxanne. we're so glad you're here. i'm so glad to be here. >> thank you so much. thank you. so i might have to rethink that. i might add. we have to think that yeah, when you see that meant coming your way, you just have to be like, oh hi,
11:50 pm
spray away king charles, right back. >> i'll be back. i don't know where charles is going. he's got plans >> vegas store. you've sensitive sunday cnn. >> this is the big dam >> came. through that do my cr y >> thanks. buddy
11:51 pm
>> but i'm trying to cool back. >> johnson. >> visible than infatuation >> this is not business as usual. >> you'll people that turning on my phone, i just smash your face. >> well, if you think it'll help anyone who dares insult me or my country? shall feel my >> gut >> go regime. >> streaming >> exclusively on max we're not saying daily harvest will change your life or that it will be the first of many steps to healthier habits. but we're not not saying that. we can say the daily harvest takes care of food. so that can take care of you, get started today at daily >> when you stop wayfair, you get big deals for your home every day. so am i big deal. >> you are because it's a big deal when you get a big deal,
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>> from a long line of kalinin, my grandfather, my great-grandfather, my aunt been rode horses when i see all of us that it on his ranch. i see how far our legacy so >> charles barkley just celebrated a birthday. what birthday do you think it was >> let's carefully at this >> at this lovely plus right here i'm terrible with age
11:55 pm
>> i love how people study your face >> let me see you do a junk. can you don't like how i'm gonna go with 55, 58 36 based out. >> well, what is it? 610 my god, what oh, my god, what >> 61 years old yesterday. how old do you feel >> 61 yesterday. well, since i lost >> a lot sought to wait, i've lost about 65 pounds. i feel a lot better, but you know, my body's oh, you know, it was planned. spores are like dogs years ahead. no, but listen, i'm a little bit great life. i'm not mean that my magic number is 50 50, okay. if you make it past 50, you've had a good life. it's always sad when young people pass away. if you've been here 50 years, man accomplish anything, you a loser, no magic number is 80. i hope you make it to at, but this is what we you have for you because word is you like limit, is that that was my
11:56 pm
favorite dessert. i don't care for lemon, so why? so tart >> so this is our way we spent a lot of money for doj went all out you know, you're loved me around here you should call it wasn't a buddy, but last row, you share the same bird they listen with shares your birthday. rihanna? yes. no. yes. >> when you go introduced me to trevor noah, senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, you also the same birthday you just have to run a good data. you, charles barkley. thank you. >> gallant. do it >> we'll see you next week on king charles see you next wednesday. they give >> i did. please stop with the wells fargo active kashkari, you weren't 2% cashback on what you >> want, like first-state plans need noumenal. >> just my shoes like maybe she was without laces. the wells fargo active cash card. that's real life ready for gentle,
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